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The public’s three favourite Envolve Award Greece finalists will receive additional cash prizes 


Athens, Greece, 14 July 2020The countdown for the 7th Envolve Award Greece competition has started, with the 10 finalists being in line to receive interest-free funding, mentorship and business support services. The Envolve Award Greece winners announcement will take place on Monday 20 July. For the first time in Envolve’s history since 2012, the momentous event will be livestreamed, so that anyone can watch from their home or workspace. 

Envolve is holding a free-to-watch event, awarding great ideas and hosting live fireside chats about the Greek start-up and innovation ecosystem. For digital attendance online, registration is required to watch the livestream: https://87399.choruscall.eu/links/envolve_en_disclaimer.html 

The event will take place at ATRAKTOS, Venue Sponsor, hosting only finalists and speakers abiding by government’s public health directions. Some of the speakers that will participate in the event are the following: Spyridon – Adonis Georgiadis, Minister of Development and Investments, Christos Dimas, Deputy Minister of Research & Technology, Leonidas Christopoulos, Secretary General of Digital Governance and Simplification of Procedures, Steve Vranakis, Chief Creative Officer at the Government of the Hellenic Republic, Peggy Antonakou, General Manager Southeast Europe at Google, Melina Taprantzi, Founder of Wise Greece and Fotis Karidas, Journalist and Communications Consultant, Alexandros Nousias, Country Director of Envolve Entrepreneurship in Greece, Jimmy Athanasopoulos, Greece Representative of Social Responsibility, Libra Group & Chairman of Envolve Entrepreneurship.  

The event will be presented by Sakis Tanimanidis. 

This year’s event is kindly sponsored by ATRAKTOS, Chorus Call Hellas, Red Bull, The Hellenic Association of Entrepreneurs (ΕΕΝΕ), Fotokiklosi and TYCO. 

In addition to Envolve Award Greece, the finalists are competing to receive cash prizes via the #GetEnvolved Award, which runs exclusively on Facebook and Instagram. The finalists’ pitch videos have reached thousands of social media users, who continue voting  

their favourite finalists by liking their videos on Envolve’s Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/watch/EnvolveGR/968995810221053/) and Instagram (www.instagram.com/envolveGR) accounts until Monday 20 July. 

Following the audience’s warm response to the first social media contest, Envolve this year increased the number of winners, as well as the total amount of the social media competition cash prize. Envolve will declare three #GetEnvolved Award Winners which will receive €3,000, €2,000 and €1,000 respectively, regardless of the main Envolve Award Greece results.  

The declaration of the public’s favourite finalists will take place during the main Envolve Award Greece winners announcement event. 

For more information about the 10 finalists you can visit: https://envolveglobal.org/envolve-awards/envolve-award-greece/7th-envolve-award-greece-finalists/ 

The award programme, which was founded in Greece by the Libra Group on behalf of The Hellenic Initiative, enjoys the backing of many organizations that have stepped forward in support of the Envolve Awards both in Greece and the USA. Since 2012, Envolve has declared 27 award winners in Greece, operating in 17 sectors. These winners have contributed to the Greek economy with the creation of more than 1,800 new jobs and have a combined valuation exceeding €300 million. Supporters in Greece include Amazon, Antidote, Atraktos, Epixeiro.gr, I.A.D.R., Intracom Telecom, Ioannis Vassardanis & Partners Law Form, Jalouise PTY LTD, Lykourezos Law Offices, Microsoft, Moore, People for Business, Prisma Consulting, Reed Smith, SAP Hellas, V+O Communication and White Room.

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About Envolve Entrepreneurship: 

Envolve is an entrepreneurship support organization, founded by the Libra Group; it provides education, resources, and award programmes for start-up businesses globally. The organization encompasses the former Hellenic Entrepreneurship Award (HEA) and the American Entrepreneurship Award (AEA) – programmes which have declared 57 winners since 2012, supporting job creation and economic growth in Greece and the USA. Striving for a global society where all business owners can prosper and grow, Envolve is committed to developing and cultivating entrepreneurial ecosystems, by ensuring business support services are more readily available to entrepreneurs. 

To learn more about Envolve, please visit http://www.envolveglobal.org 

The 7th Envolve Award Greece Finalists are:

  1. Collaborate Healthcare: Collaborate Healthcloud is an AI powered modern patient management & collaboration tool, facilitating diagnostic and communication tasks. Collaborate helps doctors reduce errors and increase patient compliance enabling team-based diagnosis, error detection and patient follow up.
    Website: www.collaborate247.com
    Applicants: Kostas Saridakis, Yiannis Deliyiannis, Giorgos Tsovilis, Angelina Grammatikaki.
  2. Finclude: Finclude is a creditworthiness and affordability score provider, enabling financial institutions and individuals to universally assess the financial standing of a user, by utilizing AI and machine learning, on top of open banking APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). Finclude promotes the financial well-being of individuals and enables them to get fair access to credit, based on their up to date financial data.
    Website: https://www.finclude.ai
    Applicants: Ioanna Stanegloudi, Yiannis Giokas.
  3. Grekaddict.com: Grekaddict.com is a travel experience platform that redefines corporate culture, offering innovative experiential employee rewards, client gift cards and team building activities. Grekaddict’s goal is to help companies cultivate stronger brand cultures, boost their employees’ motivation, and reward high performance with once-in-a-lifetime experiences.
    Website: http://www.Grekaddict.com
    Applicants: Souzana Theodoridou.
  4. Guestflip: GuestFlip is a Guest Analytics and Reputation Monitoring platform, which helps hotels increase guest satisfaction and achieve higher occupancy rates. Through a user-friendly dashboard, hotels can make data-driven decisions, monitor user-generated content and respond to reviews 70% faster, with automated and personalized AI-powered responses.
    Website: https://guestflip.io
    Applicants: Stratos Botis, Aris Pattakos.
  5. Inagros: Inagros offers famers and agronomists a web platform that collects data from sensors and satellites. Inagros aims to become part of the smart-farming evolution through automation and sustainable management.
    Website: https://www.inagros.com
    Applicants: Andreas Zerkoulis, Dimitris Drosos, Vassilis Kassimatis, Vasilis Laskos, Giorgos Kormazos, Vasso Varvoutsi.
  6. MOJOOLS: Mojools is a fine jewelry brand that gives its clients the ability to become the creators of their own, custom jewelry.
    The company has designed a unique, patent-pending, mechanism by which removable ornaments (“mojools”) can easily be attached to rings, bracelets, pendants and earrings. Mojools presents a new type of jewelry which offers unprecedented customization possibilities.
    Website: https://www.mojools.com
    Applicants: Periklis Galanakis, Kyriakos Agiannidis, Rania Alvanou, Konstantinos Karaterzis.
  7. Parkaround: ParkAround is an online parking service marketplace, delivering technological transformation of the industry through the ‘ParkAround’ application. It is available in 200+ car parks near airports, ports and city centres in Greece & Cyprus. The company also offers ParkAdoro, a tailor-made online ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system for the parking market, enabling car parks to efficiently service their customers.
    Websites: https://www.parkaround.com, https://www.parkadoro.com
    Applicants: John Katsiotis, Kostas Arkadas.
  8. Rodi Pharmaceuticals: Rodi Pharmaceuticals operates in the fertility healthcare sector having developed a series of innovative products that address female infertility. The products, which comprise mainly natural ingredients, are the result of many years of clinical trials, followed by international patent filings, granted and pending. Rodi Pharmaceuticals’ upcoming product lines, which are at the final research stage, include products for the enhancement of male fertility, as well as prescription drugs for the regulation of immune and metabolic disorders.
    Website: http://www.rodipharmaceuticals.com/EN
    Applicants:  Barbara Geladakis, Dora Vardis, George Deligiannis, Dr. Youla Leftherioti Barla, Maria Goutsou, Senator Lou Raptakis, Dr.Christine Warnke, Χ.Balamotis, Silda Wall Spitzer, Eric Stangvik, S.Chaimandos.
  9. Spaceprk: Spaceprk is an online marketplace for short-term bookings of event spaces and properties. Spaceprk makes searching and booking easy, by matching owners to renters in search of unique spaces for parties, film productions, work events, and more. To date, Spaceprk properties have been featured in movies, TV series and music videos as well as corporate and private events. Established in February 2019, Spaceprk is already expanding into Ecuador, Chile, United States, UK, China, and India.
    Website: https://www.spaceprk.com
    Applicants: Zeta Nikolakopoulou, Christina Nikolakopoulou, Charalampos Mantas, Christos Denedios, Alexandros Ioakimidis, Theodoris Stefou, Caitie Parsos, Darren Chen, Oriana Jacome, Victoria Meythaler.
  10. Weddin: Weddin is a platform offering digital wedding planning services for couples, and a marketplace for vendors. Weddin services include a smart digital app for modern couples and innovative digital services for wedding vendors. The company aims to make wedding planning less stressful and turn Greece into a worldwide wedding destination.
    Website: http://www.weddin.gr
    Applicants: Ioannis Konstantinidis, Eleonora Garyfallou, Antonis Georgopoulos

About the Libra Group:

The Libra Group is a privately-owned international business group that is active in 35 countries across six continents. It is focused on six core sectors: aviation, energy, hospitality, real estate, shipping and diversified investments. The group is wholly-owned by the Logothetis family.
For more information, visit the website: www.libra.com

About The Hellenic Initiative:                                                   

Mission: Investing in the future of Greece through direct philanthropy and economic revitalization. We empower people to provide crisis relief, encourage entrepreneurs, and create jobs.
We are The Hellenic Initiative (THI) – a global movement of the Greek Diaspora.
Visit our website: http://www.TheHellenicInitiative.org/ & http://onegreece.org
Like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/thehellenicinitiative
Follow us on Twitter: @THI_OneGreece

For further information, please contact:

Giannis Syrmopoulos
V+O Communication
Phone: +30 2107249000 (247)
Email: gsy@vando.gr








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