Communicating Through the Coronavirus Crisis

Monday, March 23, 2020


The coronavirus epidemic seemed far away for me until last week. Then came news reports about someone infected in New Hampshire. Rumors started to spread, closely followed by questions: How can we find out more information? Should we send the kids to school? The next day, we discovered in both the local and national news that the infected person, a resident at our local hospital, had attended a party with students from the Tuck School, where I teach, bringing the crisis right to my office door. Classes and events were canceled and all international travel was suspended for the university. My mind was racing. Should I go in to work? Is it OK to buy lunch here? Are we prepared to quarantine at home? How long will this go on?

Step 1: Create a Team for Centralized Communication
Step 2: Communicate with Employees
Step 3: Communicate Regularly with Customers
Step 4: Reassure Shareholders
Step 5: Be Proactive with Communities

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