Ecosystem Survival Team COVID-19 on Slack.
Free Weekly Webinars by the Startup Heatmap Europe

Monday, March 23, 2020


Startup Heatmap Europe has created the dynamic Slack channel «Ecosystem Survival Team – COVID19 gathering a diverse group of startuppers and professionals in the tech industry. The Slack channel hosts open calls against COVID1-19 crisis, webinars, tools for startuppers and best practices for those handling the crisis management of their startups.

The goal is to keep our startup ecosystem motivated and moving, with ecosystem builders exchanging views on a daily basis.

The Team will host free weekly webinars every Tuesday at 10am CET
How to make your startup ecosystem resilient during the crisis?” is the first webinar, which will take place on Tuseday, 24 March at 10.00 (CET). To view the video like, join the Slack channel.


The webinars will run on a weekly basis and feature a talk of a fellow ecosystem builder sharing their experience and solution to the crisis. We also run a slack channel to connect with other professional ecosystem builders to share insights, tools and strategies.




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