Envolve Award Greece Competitions

In 2014 the contest experienced a 67% increase in submitted business ideas with 488 qualifying business plans submitted. It was extremely gratifying to see numerous innovative business ideas across a wide range of commercial sectors. The 2014 Winners operate in diverse commercial sectors including: e-commerce, food and beverage, equity crowdfunding and health technology. The Winners are expanding their activities across the world.


The Award means inspiration and creativity

Evangelos Pappas, RTsafe

Winning the Award began an everlasting relationship

Socratis Ploussas, Open Circle



The Award means ‘Family’

Evangelos Kotsonis, E-satisfaction

Things created from the heart bring rewards

Yanna Mattheou, Anassa Organics


2nd Envolve Award Greece: Finalists

Τhe judges carefully scrutinized each plan before selecting the ten finalists. Please find below brief descriptions of the finalists of 2016 award.

2nd Envolve Award Greece Ceremony  – The Awards Night