Project Parenting is the first educational platform for parents in Greece. Project Parenting has developed a multidisciplinary network of specialized experts, who share their experience and knowledge through videos, e-books, articles, live discussions and webinars. The team aims to add a digital channel for parents with live shows hosted by experts. The ultimate goal is to support holistically all the parents every step of the way and cover their needs, by giving them all the necessary tools, both theoretical and practical.


Applicants: Marina Arplia, Marialena Aggeli, Marialena Mantzavela, Danae Kotsou, Dimitris Konstantinou, Oly Patsoura, Fwteini Meletaki

We found a huge gap and need for information that was valid and centralized, so we created an educational platform.

Project Parenting

What I really think makes Project Parenting unique is that it has brought the sense of “togetherness”.

Project Parenting