Envolve is a proud Trustee of Kiva! Focused on character rather than credit, Kiva offers 0% interest, crowdfunded microloans that provide entrepreneurs with access to capital to grow their business.

Envolve partners with Kiva to make access to capital easy for small businesses. As a Trustee, Envolve can refer, endorse and support qualified entrepreneurs to receive interest-free, crowdfunded loans on Kiva.

Build your business.

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Start or grow your business by raising interest–free capital through a worldwide network of community lenders.

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What is a Trustee?

Kiva focuses on building partnerships with organizations and individuals that have a close professional or personal relationship with the borrower. An integral part of the Kiva model, Trustees are individuals or organizations who vouch for an entrepreneur’s character and reputation and recommend borrowers to the Kiva program.

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